Els Vinyals

School: Els Vinyals

Number of students: 218

School Years using Innovamat: Elementary School

Using Innovamat since: 2018

“You grow as a teacher and make your students grow too.”

The Els Vinyals school is a public school in Lliçà de Vall, less than 30 km from the city of Barcelona. It has 218 elementary School students and they began to use Innovamat in 2018.

The coherence when it comes to Innovamat’s didactic approach, which matches what was already being carried out in the center, was one of the main reasons their commitment to change. This, as well as the fact of having all the material prepared before each session.

When we asked them how we they managed to convey our proposal to their students’ families, Marta Llovet, member of the school management team, said: “We called a meeting with the families about 4 or 5 months after starting to use Innovamat. We explained how the classes worked to them, the aim of doing it this way, and what we were achieving by doing it. This was enough to show them that everything was working.”

We could highlight many things about our visit to the Els Vinyals school, but there is no doubt that one thing that really stood out was this phrase by Michael, a 6th Grade teacher: “I would recommend it to every teacher, because you grow as a teacher and make your students grow too.”

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