International Baccalaureate
How our program fits in with the IB reference framework
Our approach

We promote the development of competencies and the application of knowledge acquired in various contexts. We believe in the importance of encouraging competency-based skills that can be applied to situations beyond the classroom.
We want students to understand, learn to reason, know how to solve real problems and see math in a concrete, meaningful and applied way.

Custom fit

We work alongside schools to sequence mathematical learning so that the cycle of inquiry arises naturally. With the teaching of mathematics as a guide, we personalize the program to the research framework of the school.
We ensure an optimal transition between grades and stages; for both the Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Middle Years Program (MYP).
Our foundations of learning

The student is at the center of the learning process.

Learning is built based on inquiry, debate, and discovery.

The program promotes a problem solving and proactive environment.


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