You’re involved too

At home, you are a part of this transformation and we are here to accompany you too.

A change in the way of learning

We don’t want to change maths, just how it is learned. Our objective is to empower teachers to transform their classroom.

A solid and coherent structure

We offer an educational project that covers the 3 stages (Early Years, Primary and Secondary), which we work on in a competency-based way.

Students are better prepared for the future

We help students develop their basic skills while enjoying maths.

Class strategies

In these videos, we share some key points on the basic strategies. Once you have watched them in class, you can talk about them, practice them and consolidate them at home.

Let’s Add by Jumping
Let’s Subtract by Jumping
Let’s Add by Breaking Down
Let's Subtract by Decomposing
Let’s Derive Facts
Let’s Estimate

Maths is everywhere!

At Innovamat, we want the kids to start off with the manipulation of materials to understand mathematic concepts such as counting, geometry, logic and statistics (among others).

Our objective is for them to develop lasting strategies and extend the reach of what they learn in maths class to wherever they need it.

You must have many questions

Great! We’ve answered the most frequently asked here:

What is Innovamat?

Innovamat was created in 2017 in response to the socio-educational need to work on mathematical competencies in the classroom. We are a proposal for teaching and learning mathematics in a structured, yet flexible and activity-filled way, building mathematical knowledge through manipulation of materials, experimentation and conversation in the classroom.

Our goal is to transform the math classroom. That is why we are in constant contact with schools and we observe how Innovamat changes the daily lives of students and teachers in different parts of the world.

How can I help my child at home?

Since teachers are the educators, it is very important to ask them what the best way to help your children is. Firstly, it is essential to talk to the school.

At Innovamat we have prepared some videos with some of the calculation strategies that we normally use with our students. After the student has discovered them and worked on them in class, you can practice and consolidate them at home.

Why don't you use the operations that we used to use?

The traditional way of representing arithmetic operations in writing required mechanization and repetition to get to the correct result, without understanding the meaning of what was being done. In the past, it was necessary to obtain the result mechanically and quickly. Instead, we now focus on finding and working on different transparent strategies that allow us to understand what we are doing at any given moment; in this way, we develop students' mathematical competence and respect their learning rhythms.

Why do you favor the use of screens at Innovamat?

At Innovamat we are committed to a moderate use of technology for educational purposes, so, students practice systematically, for a few minutes a week, with the Innovamat App.

Screens are part of our lives, and as digital competency is one of the challenges of the 21st century, we consider it necessary for students to be able to use them in a consciously and moderately.

Additionally, these tools allow us to personalize learning and experience by adapting them to the pace of each child. We explain it in more depth here.

How does Innovamat work with mathematics?

At Innovamat we understand that it is important to be able to work with mathematics in such a way that students can understand and apply it in the most efficient and meaningful way. Therefore, we present mathematical concepts related to numbers and calculation, geometry and space, logic, measurement, statistics and probability. So that students discover them little by little, manipulatively, and explore, understand and apply them.

  • We learn through construction and discovery, through dynamic and hands-on math sessions.

  • We move away from mechanization and use transparent and diverse strategies.

  • We encourage reflection, creativity and love for mathematics.

Do you have evidence that your ‘method’ works?

Firstly, we want to make it clear that Innovamat is not a method. It is a flexible proposal that can be adapted to the reality of each classroom, since we understand mathematics in an open way. 

In addition, our theoretical foundations are based on cutting-edge research in the field of mathematics education and are aimed at helping students understand and internalize knowledge in a meaningful way and for them to consolidate it.

Behind our proposal there are PhDs in mathematics education who have dedicated a large part of their careers to academic research in order to teach and learn mathematics in a more proficient way. And what does it mean to ‘learn competently’? The Department of Education sets learning guidelines in which importance is given not only to content, but also to the student's skills (competencies).

The objective of competency-based work is, as mentioned above, to detect and enhance the mathematical skills and processes that students need to develop their competence in this area, but it also has the advantage of respecting the maturity of each student.

If you want to know more about how to work in a competency-based way, access the following link.

What happens when, after having used Innovamat at school, students don’t use it in high school?

The proposal is curricular, which means that we work on all the required content within the current legal framework and that, in addition, we follow the recommended methodological guidelines. In this sense, there should be no problem in the transition to middle school, and the same goes for kindergarten to elementary school.

In any case, our proposal includes the stages from early years to middle school, which follows individual center’s rhythms throughout compulsory education.

How is Innovamat assessed?

Since Innovamat is a fully curricular proposal, it takes the department's guidelines for assessment into account. With the new law, assessment focuses on student competencies, so the focus has changed. Not only is content taken into account (if the student knows how to count, for example), but also the mathematical competencies or processes involved.

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