You count too

The families form part of the change in the mathematics classroom, supporting and accompanying the process at home.

Learn the strategies we use in class

In these videos, we share some keys to the basic strategies for calculating. Once the student has discovered them in class, we will be able to discuss them, practice them, and consolidate them at home.

Let’s Add by Jumping
Let’s Subtract by Jumping
Let’s Add by Breaking Down
Let's Subtract by Decomposing
Let’s Derive Facts
Let’s Estimate

Mathematics is everywhere!

At Innovamat, our aim is for children to learn about mathematical concepts such as counting, geometry, logic, or statistics, among others, and to work on them manipulatively in order to understand them.

In conclusion, our objective is for them to develop strategies and extend the reach of what they do in math class to wherever they need it.

You must have many questions

Great! Here, we answer the 4 most common ones, but if you have more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I help at home?

First of all, we recommend that you talk to the school. There must be coordination and coherence between what the student learns in class and what we work on and transmit at home.

What evidence do you have that your method works?

Innovamat is not a method, as we understand mathematics in an open way.

We are experienced teachers who, based on research, provide resources to teach and learn mathematics in a competency-based way. In doing so, students do not learn only by rote, mechanizing procedures, but they understand and internalize each step, reinforcing the knowledge.

Our theoretical foundations are based on cutting-edge research in the field of mathematics teaching and learning.

What are the benefits of using Innovamat for schools?

We provide the necessary resources to transform the mathematics classroom:

  • Rich and manipulative sequenced activities to cover the curriculum in a competent way, from Early Years to High School.
  • Didactic guides that explain and justify each session. Specific manipulative material for each course.
  • Logbooks.
  • Web classroom manager for teachers, which includes all the projectables, context videos, training videos, and digital materials needed to conduct the sessions.
  • Self-adaptive content practice App, with personalized progress reports for each student.

We also offer:

  • Personalized advice from education specialists. 
  • Specific teaching training in mathematics teaching and learning.

And the possibility of joining the community of Vèrtex schools, a network of centers committed to scientific research in mathematics education.

Why do you encourage the use of screens?

At Innovamat, we are clearly committed to a (moderate) use of educational technology and that is why we propose a few minutes of systematic practice through the app. Screens are part of our lives, so we consider it necessary that children learn to use them in a conscious way.

On the other hand, these tools allow us to personalize the learning and experience to suit each student.


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