FAMILIES This is how students learn math

A way of thinking

Yes, the world is changing. What about the way we learn math? Mathematics is the same as it always has been, but for years in thousands of classrooms around the world it has heading towards:

Learning math in a more profound and lasting way. Children discover all the content of the curriculum and understand every step of the process to consolidate knowledge.

Understand mathematics as a way to think and interpret the world. In addition to building lifelong content, they develop mathematical skills to help them face a changing future.

What does the research say?

After years of research, leading institutions in the science of learning mathematics argue that: in addition to a thorough knowledge of the content, children must learn to solve problems, reason, connect ideas, communicate and represent, in order to develop critical thinking.

The day to day in the classroom

Children need lively classrooms, where knowledge comes from understanding. This is why math classes are built through:

Through questions and reflections, all students participate and discuss different strategies, representations and solutions.


They discover mathematical concepts and properties through the use of manipulatives and other resources. These help to understand complex content in a practical way and lay the foundations for understanding it in an abstract way.


After discovering the concepts, it is necessary to find the time to practice the procedures. With paper logbooks and digital practice they can practice independently and individually.

All this is achieved with personalized, student-focused math learning. We were born with the goal of improving the learning of mathematics, and to achieve this, we developed a mathematics program that is:

How can I join in from home?

Understand how math is learned in the classroom to be able to practice from home.
Here you will find resources to use at home.

More questions

What is Innovamat?

We offer a curricular proposal for teaching and learning mathematics in a structured yet flexible manner, where through manipulation, experimentation, and classroom discussion, children build their mathematical knowledge.

Innovamat was created in 2017 in response to the socio-educational need to work on math in a competency-based way in the classroom.

Our goal is for children to learn math in a competency-based, personalized and practical way.

This is why we are in constant communication with teachers and schools, accompanying them in their day to day and observing the transformation that their classrooms are undergoing.

If you want to know more about the curriculum in specific grades, please consult the early years, elementary and middle school programs.

Why doesn’t Innovamat solve operations the way we used to in school?

We are currently focusing on finding and working on different strategies to solve the same operations. This allows students to understand what they are doing at any given moment and this way, they develop mathematical competence while respecting their own learning rhythms.

Once they have understood the operation in question, they also learn the traditional algorithm, which most of us learned, and they understand how and why it works.

If you want to know how they solve basic operations in class, we recommend visiting the support resources we offer to families.

Why does Innovamat’s curriculum use smart devices?

At Innovamat we are committed to a moderate use of technology for educational purposes so students practice systematically for a few minutes a week.

The Innovamat App makes it possible to personalize learning with real-time corrections and, if a student makes a mistake, it offers well thought-out educational tips, something that would be difficult to provide to a whole class using a paper worksheet.

What happens when, after having used Innovamat in elementary school, it is not carried on in middle school?

Our program is curricular and goes from early years to middle school, which means that we work on all the required content within the current legal framework and that, in addition, we follow the methodological guidelines recommended for each stage. This ensures that, if the curriculum is implemented correctly, there will be no problems in the transition between stages.

How is assessment carried out in Innovamat?

Since Innovamat is a curriculum, it takes the region’s guidelines for assessment into account. With the new law, assessment is more focused on students’ competencies, and this means that the focus changes, since not only content is taken into account (if the student knows how to count, for example), but also mathematical processes or competencies.

Will students reach high school and/or college with the necessary knowledge?

As far as content is concerned, students will reach the required level for high school and/or college, since we cover everything required by the Department of Education. In addition, during the different stages we seek to build a good base of content and a good development of processes, that is why we set well-rounded activities and we do not work on memorization, but rather that students understand what they are doing.

Always ready to help

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