More than 320 people passionate about education and mathematics.

Learning experts

We are teachers, professors, PhDs of mathematics education, educators, mathematicians, researchers, engineers, designers…

We believe in encouraging a deep understanding of content and the development of mathematical processes.

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Conception of the program

The mathematics education experts who have created the foundation for our curricular program

Education team

The advisors and specialists in mathematics education who create and design the program’s learning sequence and rich activities.

Contributors to the program

We work with advisors from the world of education, renowned mathematicians and academics. They collaborate on the development of activities and the teaching sequence and inspire us to continue improving every day.

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Innovamat is made up of specialists in mathematics education and much more. We completely develop the program that reaches schools and we help how it is implemented in the classroom.

Assistance in schools

We take our program to schools and support its introduction, implementation and the success of the product in the classroom.


We generate quality math content to maximize math learning for all children and we encourage an engaging learning experience.

Product and design

We turn math teaching into attractive and easy-to-use resources for teachers, students and families.


We use technology as a means to take education to the next level.

Corporate areas

We want to offer the best experience and quality of our products to our customers. We attract and hire the most talented candidates in each area.

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4 facts that narrate our journey