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At Innovamat we protect the data of our educational community. To this end, we take advanced security measures and are committed to total transparency in the handling and use of data, ensuring its control and custody.

We comply with GDPR, we treat personal data with the utmost respect and offer our users full control over their information.

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What personal data does Innovamat collect?

The Innovamat app only collects the personal data that is essential and necessary to provide the service of access to its educational program and to adequately carry out its educational function. Specifically:

  • In the case of students: first and last name, grade and class, school, age, gender, e-mail and academic and standardized math test results (e.g. Cangur tests, TIMSS tests, etc.).
  • In the case of teachers: first and last name, gender and e-mail address.
  • In the case of parents or legal guardians: first and last name, e-mail (necessary only in case the user practices from home).

All this data is stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers that Innovamat uses as a hosting service, which are located in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Why does Innovamat collect and use this personal data?

Innovamat’s educational program offers a series of resources that allow a complete, adequate and competent teaching of curricular mathematics.

Among the resources that make up the educational program, there is an app that allows the user to practice mathematical activities and that adapts itself to the user’s learning level.

The use of personal data allows the app to automatically adapt the difficulty of the activities to the level of the user, making the experience more personal, unique and appropriate to their needs.

In addition, the use of this data allows us to carry out the necessary research for the revision and improvement of our educational program and allows for better monitoring by the teacher of the student’s learning process, contributing to an improvement in academic performance and the personalization of teaching.

Innovamat does not use personal data for advertising purposes nor does it carry out profiling of its users.

How does Innovamat protect my personal data?

Innovamat is committed to the security of personal data. For this reason, as data processor, Innovamat acts at all times with the utmost diligence with respect to the data stored and has all the necessary technical and organizational security measures in place to ensure the security of the data processed.

How does Innovamat share or transfer my personal data?

Innovamat does not transfer or share personal data with anyone without the user’s prior consent.

Who has access to personal data and how is confidentiality guaranteed?

The only persons who have access to Innovamat’s personal data are Innovamat employees and those previously authorized by the user.

In this regard, each and every Innovamat employee has signed the appropriate confidentiality agreements, has received training in data protection and is committed to the security, integrity and confidentiality of the personal data to which they has access.

What happens to my personal data if I am no longer part of the Innovamat educational community?

Innovamat is committed to compliance with data protection legislation.

Therefore, the data in Innovamat’s possession will only be kept for the time strictly necessary (i.e. as long as the service of access to Innovamat’s educational program is provided). Upon termination of the relationship, Innovamat will proceed todelete it.

However, we will retain certain personal, identification and traffic data for a maximum period of 2 years in case it is required by the courts or to initiate internal actions arising from the misuse of the app.

How is the educational community informed about changes in data policies?

Each year, schools sign a data processor contract with Innovamat. The most important points of the app’s privacy policy are developed therein: data categories, purposes, retention periods and data storage.

On the occasion of each renewal, Innovamat may make any changes it deems appropriate to this contract, which must in any case be accepted by the school (in its capacity as data controller) and which will be published on Innovamat’s website so that any person may access the final text.

How can I report a concern or incident related to the security of my data? How can I exercise my ARCO-POL rights?

Any user may contact Innovamat to resolve any doubts they may have in relation to the processing of data or to report incidents through the address or, if applicable, by writing to the following address: Avda. de la Generalitat, 216, 4º, 3ª, Sant Cugat del Vallès (08174) – Barcelona, Spain.

You may also use these contact methods to exercise your ARCO-POL rights as the data subject.

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