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Our mission is to craft accessible math learning experiences based in math education research that foster conceptual understanding and student thinking. We aim to develop problem-solving, connections, communication and reasoning skills in learners, preparing them for meaningful contribution.

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Math programs that foster problem-solving

Every resource you need in well-sequenced sessions, from Early Years to Elementary.


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Full curriculum in well-sequenced sessions

Foster a deep understanding of mathematics through rigorously sequenced open tasks and a socio-constructivist approach.

Manipulative material and logbooks

From logical blocks to geoboards, students have everything they need to construct knowledge with their own hands.

Teaching guides for each session

Easy-to-use teaching guides that explain everything you need to know to achieve success in class in under 2 pages per lesson.

Personalized practice and progress reports

Interactive, personalized, and engaging math content with tailored learning pathways and rigorous pedagogy. Understand your students’ progress with detailed reports on their performance.

Math Coach

We are experts in Math Education. Your coach will be there to help you tailor our resources to your specific needs. From modeling to bi-weekly coaching sessions, your coach will be your primary support throughout the school year.

Based on research, backed by evidence

We work with universities and administrators to evaluate our impact and contribute our learnings in math education to the wider community.

In a year, we serve: 2 100 schools across 9 countries

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