Middle school

So much more than solving equations and mechanizing procedures.

Try out Innovamat and you will see that

Solving problems stimulates curiosity and conversations between peers.

Manipulation creates abstract reasoning.

Diversity of solutions encourages creativity and the exchange of ideas.

A mathematic perspective goes much further than the classroom, exploring patterns and making sense of the world.

Uplift your classes with Innovamat

We offer everything you need to continuously transform your math classes.

Complete curriculum divided into sequenced sessions

Classroom Manager, with all the necessary resources to prepare and teach your classes.

All the manipulative material you need

From logical blocks and geoboards to logbooks.

Self-adaptive practice and progress reports

Multiplatform app adapted to the pace of each of your students, with weekly progress reports to help with evaluation.

Teacher training and personalized advice

Training resources help you stay up to date with the latest teaching developments with experts to guide you along the way, attentive to your needs in real time.

“Rise above oneself and grasp the world”

Archimedes of Syracuse

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As each stage is different, we have developed different ways of working in early years, elementary and middle school.


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Rest assured knowing that you have a team of specialists at your disposal at all times.

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