Since 2017, more than 1,750 centers and 15,000 teachers have trusted Innovamat to teach mathematics to more than 350,000 boys and girls. These are some of their stories.

Anna Martori, Elementary School teacher

“Behind the math book that we work on in the classroom there is a team that supports us, trains us, and gives us little nuggets. This is not only for the teachers, but also for the families to help the students develop mathematical thinking.

I feel that as teachers we are better in the classroom with Innovamat.”

Anna Martori

“Grow and make them grow”

Marta, Head of Studies, Miquel and Antonio, teachers at Els Vinyals school, tell us what the arrival of Innovamat in their classrooms has meant to them personally.

Júlia Juanet

Júlia Juanet, Elementary School teacher

“I think that before we worked on mathematics from a single point of view. Now, our mathematical moment, which is what we call it, is much richer.

I feel very supported thanks to the advice and training. There is always someone who knows much more than you, who is there to help you in any way; by WhatsApp or by mail, they answer you right away.”

María Galera, Elementary School teacher

“When I talk about seeing students enjoy themselves, I mean that they have lost their fear of participating, reasoning and solving problems, some in giant steps and others in small steps. In the same classroom, with different abilities and working paces, each one, in their own way, advances in mathematics. It's amazing to be able to experience this as a teacher.

There has been a leap in my day-to-day teaching activities and a new way of understanding mathematics.”

María Galera
Ariadna Cateura

Ariadna Cateura, Elementary School teacher

“It is a proposal that is very well-thought-out, very planned… The activities are very well-designed. You just have to dedicate effort to carry out the sessions and the fruits that you collect with the students are plentiful. So seeing that they are learning, I would certainly recommend it.”

Gemma Andrés, High School teacher

“For me the best thing about Innovamat is the reflection process that the students have to go through at the end of all the activities or session. I think it makes them aware of their way of learning and realize there are different ways to get to the same solution.”

Gemma Andres